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Many of us have had financial hardships and credit issues.  It’s not that you've been in that type of situation that really matters but what you are doing about it.  You need CREDIT to get CREDIT!! Like it or not that's the way of the world.   It is possible to get that Credit Rating back  but it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to put some effort and time in.

The first step to improve your Financial Health is to establish new good credit.   With regular on time affordable payments our Investment Loans will give you that good credit rating while building up an emergency fund savings for whatever comes your way.  

And remember, with that good credit rating you are increasing your borrowing power so when it comes to needing that new car/truck you can take advantage of the great factory deals and special rates and drive around in your *NEW* vehicle with a great low payment at a low rate with a great factory warranty instead of that 10 year old car with high interest and payments.

Maybe your dream is to own your own home but the down payment and credit requirement is always just out of reach. Are you will to keep paying someone else’s mortgage or are you going to do something about it.

OH, and don’t forget:    You Have Money in the Bank.

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